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ASPC-Lewis Inmates Meet Arizona Governor Doug Ducey at Sunrise Employment Center
August 15, 2017

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said Monday that he was very pleased with the results of a job program designed to cut recidivism rates during a visit to one of the state’s prisons. “This is just one of a number of efforts we’re undertaking to help people make real, lasting change so they never end up back in prison,” Ducey said Monday during a tour of the Sunrise Employment Center inside the Lewis Prison in Buckeye.

ADC Inmate Uses Computer for Job Hunt
August 15, 2017

Governor Doug Ducey toured the Sunrise Employment Center at Lewis Prison in Buckeye Monday morning. It’s one of three facilities in the state designed to help inmates prepare for the job market after serving their sentence. The hope -- good job opportunities to prevent repeat offenders.

Fox 10 Reports on Sunrise Employment Center
August 15, 2017

There have been many reports recently about the job market heating up, but not everyone has an easy time finding work. That is especially true for those who have been convicted of crimes. There is a program, however, being pushed by Governor Doug Ducey (R-AZ) that is helping to give those people a second chance, in hopes of keeping them from heading back to prison.

Sunrise Employment Center in Lewis Prison in Buckeye (Photo: Nick Oza/The Republic)
August 14, 2017

Sunrise is a converted facility that once housed juvenile offenders. It still has football goal posts standing idly in an adjacent field. It's one of three new job centers within Arizona's prison system, joining others at the Perryville women's prison 30 miles northeast of Sunrise in Goodyear, and at a men's facility in Tucson. The goal is to reduce recidivism by giving a special hand to inmates the Arizona Department of Corrections has identified as likely to commit new crimes upon release.

August 4, 2017

The Arizona Department of Corrections has begun using an anti-addiction drug to help inmates kick their opioid addictions for good. “It’s all about recovery, reentry and rehabilitation,” Karen Hellman, the director of inmate programs and reentry, said. “It’s aligned really well with two of the Gov. (Doug Ducey)’s really big initiatives, which are to reduce recidivism and to address the opioid crisis and they both crossover, so this particular program addresses both of those issues at the same time.” Hellman said the drug, Vivitrol, is a once-a-month injection given to newly released inmates will help them overcome the cravings for opioids. The drug is administered as part of a new program where inmates undergo counseling to readjust to life on the outside.

ADC Inmate Violet Rose Talks About Addiction
August 2, 2017

The Arizona Department of Corrections launched a new drug program this week which aims at fighting Opioid abuse head-on. Some inmates, nearing the end of their time in prison, can now become eligible for a Vivitrol shot. Vivitrol is an injectable drug — taken once a month — that blocks the brain's Opioid receptors. The drug is designed to keep an Opioid user from having the ability to get high for roughly a month. Back in January, Governor Doug Ducey called for a Vivitrol program at the State of the State address. That is coming to fruition this week.