Information Technology (IT)

Dwight Cloud , Chief Information Officer

Information Technology (IT) is the Agency’s central service enterprise technology provider serving over 10 geographic regions and five Divisions. The Bureau also serves as the liaison to the Department of Administration – Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (ASET), the legislature and other public, private entities and law enforcement entities.

Infrastructure Systems And Services
Applications And Data Management Services
Field Services


Infrastructure Systems and Services Unit provides high level planning, engineering, research and design to ensure the agency's technology investments adhere to industry's best practices and fall within the Government Information Technology (GITA) defined target technology parameters. The unit's planning and engineering services are Project Management, Telecommunications Services and Network Services.

Project Management provides the management, planning, development, implementation and reporting of the unit's IT projects.

Telecommunications Services provides planning, engineering and contract management of the telecommunications infrastructure. The unit ensures the maintenance and repair of CATV, video, telemedicine, security and other designated systems. Network Services provides specialized system planning, technical specifications implementation of upgraded and new IT solutions in support of the agency's application and database development. The unit also provides network systems maintenance, daily administration, virus protection, backup and recovery. 

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Applications and Data Management Services support the Department's agency processes automation and the design, development and support of computer software systems. This Unit is comprised of four functional units: Mainframe Applications, PC Applications, Database Support, and Web Support Services. 

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The Field Services specialists are located at each of our publicly run prisons and are responsible for the day-to-day computer and telephone functionality at each prison site. Our field service specialists are also responsible for the smooth and efficient LAN and Telecom upgrades and improvements that the prison institutions undertake.