Engineering and Facilities Bureau

Fred Moreno
Assistant Director


The Engineering and Facilities Bureau oversees all new construction and remodel projects as well as various other construction projects. The bureau also oversees building services for our four Central Office buildings as well as safety and environmental services and fleet services.

Construction Services consults and makes recommendations on plan improvements, designs, and coordination on prison construction/modification projects; and prepares and updates the Physical Plant Standards Manual.

Building Services provides janitorial and maintenance services, tenet relocations, parking management, building security, development of leasing agreements, and inmate worker transportation, training, and supervision for our four Central Office buildings.

Safety and Environmental Services coordinates, meets, and consults with the regulatory authorities and the institutions to ensure compliance with laws, rules, policies, and orders avoiding, where possible, the assessment of regulatory penalties for avoidable violations. Develops and maintains mandatory compliance programs, ADCRR's safety policies, and to notify employees, offices, and institutions of unsafe work practices, methods to avoid them, and corrective actions required to mitigate the condition.

Fleet Management is responsible for the Department's vehicle fleet, ensuring that guidelines are followed for purchasing, operating, maintaining and using vehicles for state business.