Past ADC Directors

Former ADCRR Director Charles L. Ryan

Charles L. Ryan

Charles L. Ryan, 1/2009 - 10/2019

Mr. Ryan was appointed by Governor Janice Brewer and continued to serve Governor Doug Ducey as the eighth Director of the Arizona Department of Corrections. Under Mr. Ryan’s tenure, the expansion of the ASPC-Lewis included a 500 bed maximum security unit for men. He was responsible for the implementation of the 2nd Chance Reentry Centers for high risk offenders, a collaborative effort with state agencies, and the private sector. Mr. Ryan was the 2018 recipient of the National Michael Francke Award, in recognition of his contributions to the field of corrections.

Dora B. Schriro

Dora B. Schriro, 7/2003 - 1/2009

Ms. Schriro was appointed by Governor Janet Napolitano as the seventh Director of the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation & Reentry. She is known nationally for the comprehensive pre-release strategy, Getting Ready, the winner of the 2008 Innovations in American Government award. Her work has also been recognized by the Council of State and Local Governments Innovations.

Terry L. Stewart

Terry L. Stewart, 12/95 - 11/2002

Mr. Stewart was appointed by Governor Fife Symington and served under Governor Jane Dee Hull. Under Mr. Stewart's tenure SMU II opened. It is one of the most secure facilities in the country and allowed the transfer of the Death Row population from the Florence complex to SMU II. In addition, ASP - Florence West was activated, the 200 bed minors unit was dedicated in Tucson, ASPC-Lewis was opened and ASPC-Perryville was converted to an all-female facility. He also presented the first-ever Arizona Corrections Telemedicine Conference.

Samuel A. LewisSamuel A. Lewis

Samuel A. Lewis, 4/85 - 12/95

Mr. Lewis served under Governors Bruce Babbitt, Evan Mecham, Rose Mofford and Fife Symington. He established the Human Resources/Development Division and the Occupational Health Unit, and he combined the Juvenile and Community Services Divisions until 1990, when Juvenile Corrections became a separate state agency. He opened the Yuma, Eyman, and Winslow prisons. Several major state correctional laws were passed and implemented while he was Director, including the Truth-In-Sentencing and Victim Notification statutes.

James RickettsJames Ricketts

James Ricketts, 3/83 - 4/85

Mr. Ricketts was appointed by Governor Bruce Babbitt. He established the Legal Services Office, the Legislative Liaison position, and the Inspector General's Office, which later became Inspections and Investigations. He opened the Douglas Complex and the Aspen DUI Center, which was the first prison unit in the country exclusively for DUI inmates. He called the projected growth of the Department to the attention of the Legislature and the public.

Ellis MacDougallEllis MacDougall

Ellis MacDougall, 7/78 - 12/82

Mr. MacDougall was appointed as Director by Governor Bruce Babbitt, after the Department was run for several months by acting directors. He implemented the inmate grievance system, and opened the ACW and Perryville facilities, as well as the Alhambra Reception Center at the State Hospital. He started the Inmate Health Services section. Also while he was Director, legislation was passed allowing minors under age 16 to be prosecuted as adults for some serious crimes and for confining minors in adult prisons.

John Moran

John Moran, 3/73 - 11/77

Mr. Moran was appointed by Governor Raul Castro. Mr. Moran began the computerization of records and started an academically-accredited Correctional Officer training program. In 1977, while he was Director, the federal courts issued a prison overcrowding decision, putting a ceiling on inmate housing through double-bunking.

Allen Cook

Allen Cook, 6/68 - 3/73

Allen Cook advised Governor Jack Williams and the Legislature on the proposed new Department of Corrections. He outlined the structure for the new Department, presented it to the Legislature, and became the first Director. Mr. Cook opened treatment centers and halfway houses during his tenure.